Some releases 0f Wildlife Rescue

A Common Crow released on 30th January after recovery.

 We have released a Shikra from our open flight cage.

Release of a Water Cock at Yamuna Biodiversity Park by Wildlife Rescue.

A Shikra release, near the spot where it was rescued.

Release of a Soft Shelled Turtle in sept. 2013 at Yamuna by Wildlife Rescue.

One of our owl release in 2013, location Faridabad.

Release of Blue Rock Pigeons next day of the Storm after their recovery at Delhi University.

Release of Eurasian Collard Doves which were injured by the Storm after their recovery at Delhi Un

Barn Owls Were Released After They Have Recovered At Our Raptor Rescue Facility In Delhi, India

4 More Barn Owls Were Released From Our Aviary In Delhi.