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Story of Wildlife Rescue is covered by Audubon Society, USA. Audubon Society is actively involved in birds conservation there.


The Keepers is the story of Wildlife Rescue, an organization which was started with the aim of providing immediate relief to distressed wildlife in the urban city of Delhi and National Capital Region. Started by two brothers, Nadeem Shahzad and Mohammad Saud, helpline (Tel. +91 98100 29698) and one rescue centre’s in Delhi. In the centre’s they rescue, provide shelter and assist in the medical needs ranging from surgeries, implants and dressing of wounds for the birds captured. They have one shelters in which the birds are hosted until they fly away voluntarily, and are comfortable & healed to settle back in the wild.

Wonderful care facility run for about 15 years by Nadeem and Saud, two brothers from old Delhi. We visited it on 25th Jan 2016. The brothers attend to rescue calls in whole NCR, treat the injured birds, feed and care for them until their strength builds up and they can fly off. One part of this facility is open to the sky and the birds can fly off anytime they have the strength to do so… The brothers largely fund the considerable continuing expenses of this facility themselves via a small business they run. Please help the raptors (meat eating birds) of Delhi by helping this facility. Mail them at

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