Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organisation registered as a charitable trust under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Spearheaded by two brothers from Chawri Bazar, Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud, Wildlife Rescue has been working tirelessly for several years for the welfare of birds, especially Black Kites and other birds of prey, commonly known as raptors. The organisation has been treating and rehabilitating injured birds for several years. As recognition of the selfless and noble work that these brothers have been doing, Nadeem Shehzad was appointed as an Honorary Wildlife Warden of Delhi a few years back.
It is fortuitous that the brothers reside in Chawri Bazar in Old Delhi, an area which has a healthy population of scavengers like Black Kites which have been attracted to the several meat and butcher shops that are set up in that area. Even as the shops provide the raptors with a constant supply of food, the birds in turn perform their duty as scavengers to clean the area and reducing the chances of the breakout of an epidemic. However, this has also been the undoing of Black Kites and other birds because Old Delhi also has a longer tradition of paper-kite flying or patang bazi. In popular culture, places like old Delhi always conjures images of the sky filled with hundred of paper flying kites. However, the seemingly harmless practice of kite flying has caused enormous damage to the bird population in Delhi and also in other parts in India. The manjha thread, which is a thread crusted with crushed glass, acts like hanging swords that maim these birds in flight.

The month of August is especially bad for birds as it heralds a season of heightened paper-kite flying activity, with manjha threads crisscrossing the sky and maiming and mutilating birds by the hundreds. With the advent of imported Chinese kite-flying synthetic threads, birds today have little chance of recovery as these threads simply chop the wings off. In order to help these hapless birds, In case you see any injured birds, please contact Wildlife Rescue 9810029698

We hope that members of the group will support Wildlife Rescue in their inspiring work in every possible way. Any person who makes a donation to Wildlife Rescue is entitled to tax deduction and other benefits under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Request all Wildlife Rescue members to come forward to help Wildlife Rescue financially to ensure that birds will continue to heal at our aviary. Please consider transferring money to Wildlife Rescue’s bank account, details of which are set out below: Beneficiary: Wildlife Rescue, Bank: State Bank of India, Branch: (01273) Hauz Quazi, Delhi, Account No: 31244957132, IFSC: SBIN0001273. Please mention your address and PAN to enable us to send across a receipt of the donation to you.